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Open Monday-Saturday 9:30am-6:30pm 

Welcome to ScooterVille of Tallahassee!

Is a scooter right for you? Do you like to feel the wind hitting your face, save money on gas, and having parking where you go? If so, the answer is YES!

At Scooterville of Tallahassee, we have the right scooter for you. We offer a variety of styles and colors to fit everyone's wants and needs. So stop by today and experience the joys of purchasing and owning your own BRAND NEW SCOOTER! The team at Scooterville of Tallahassee can't wait to meet you! Remember...IT'S A GREAT DAY TO RIDE!!!!!

Safe and Stylish
Offers storage for personal items
Ozone friendly
Two seater
Easy to ride

Our Scooters are GREAT ALTERNATIVE TRANSPORTATION. We are less then a mile from Florida State University and Tallahassee Community College, and only minutes away from Florida A&M University. We have proudly serviced hundreds of residents, in and around, Tallahassee! Our scooters provide individuals with an easy and affordable way to get around town. All of our Scooters are STREET LEGAL and average roughly 100 MILES PER GALLON! Each scooter offers large and comfortable seating. (Seats 2)

Financing Available with approved credit! 

 Why buy a Scooter to get around?

  • Large Comfortable Seat. (Seats 2)
  • Easy front storage access for your personal items (Water, Keys, Wallet, Cell Phone, etc)
  • No Insurance Needed
  • No Motorcycle Endorsement Needed.
  • Brand New with manufacturer warranty on the engine & carb* Warranties vary based on manufacturer.

Why a Scooter? You'll have INDEPENDENCE, FREEDOM, AND FUN:No more looking for parking spaces. PARK ANYWHERE! In front of your job, your apartment, your dorm, your class, the gym and of course for the amazing college games, the football stadium. No more asking anyone for a ride around town. No more waiting for a bus, cab or shuttle.

These scooters would make an EXCELLENT gift for a loved one. Better yet, these scooters would make an EXCELLENT gift for you!

Scooterville of Florida is proud to announce that we have now teamed up with Florida Safe Riders, Inc for motorcycle training and endorsements. 


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What our Customer's Say...

Nick Waisome from February 2, 2012

Scooterville is the place to go. Anything that is wrong with my scooter Keith will come to me and do an analysis. The scooters here have the best gas mileage. No point in wasting time buying a used one just get one from Keith and have no worries at all. I made a good choice coming here. Thanks

Patrick from November 29, 2011

Purchasing my scooter from Keith and scooterville was a great decision on my part. He has been nothing but helpful and courteous for everything I have encountered with my scooter. His care for his customers is unlike anything I have ever seen and would highly recommend him to someone looking to purchase a scooter!

Jarvis from January 27, 2012

People if u want a reliable scooter buy it from these guys at scooterville, its been 4000 miles and im still riding strong.

Oh yeah, and the customer service is Grade A service, You'd really appreciate it, these guys go the extra mile!

EJ Manuel from November 11, 2011

I can't say enough about Keith and his great service. My battery went dead, called up Keith, came out that day to help fix the problem. Repairs to my scooter, DONE. Any and everything I could ask of him, he has no problem doing it for you and the product you buy from him. This is the place to go for any type of scooter needs you have. This has been one of the best investments I've made since I've been in college. Thanks Keith!

Corey from July 28, 2012

man these people right here are awesome i bought me a VIP scooter today and I'm ready for tomorrow already just so i can ride again Keith you and you're wife do business like it is supposed to be done and i appreciate the deal y'all out there looking at this lets put it this way Friday I'm going to buy two more that's how good the quality of the bikes and how amazing Keith and his wife is. Y'all keep y'alls good work up man!

Adam from February 18, 2012

Keith, you're the man!

Jenelle from November 28, 2011

Keith has great service and a customer focus that is, frankly, unrivaled. Any time I had an issue with my scooter, he was prompt and professional; repairs and service to the scooter were always entirely professional too, and I learned quite a bit about my own scooter from Keith. Definitely made my scooter worth the investment, and I couldn't be happier. I would highly recommend Keith and Scooterville to anyone looking to buy or repair their scooter. Thanks!

R. A. Wright from June 19, 2011

Been there, done that....

- Grown and Educated Children
- The Dogs.
- The Cars.
- The Houses
- The Careers
- The "Crazy" X-Wife....

But, I truly didn't start "Living" until I met Keith at "Scooterville" and purchased my first V.I.P Motor Scooter.

Now every single day is an un-planned Urban Adventure.

- Father, Political Scientist
- Historian/ Educator/ Death Row Investigator
- Future Writer
- X-Husband
- Fisherman
- "Urban-Adventurist"

Derrick from June 18, 2011

I recently purchased a scooter. During finals week my scooter would not start. The scooter was parked in an FSU parking garage, keith picked up the scooter from the parking garage and repaired it within a couple of hours and returned it. Scooterville offers excellent customer service, during finals week the last thing you want to think about is getting to class. Scooterville is credible and highly recommended.

Ray Ray from July 2014

I purchased a yellow and black Bintelli Sprint 49CC in yellow from Keith and let me tell you... I have never, ever dealt with such a professional, caring individual. Keith truly cares for his customers. I would recommend ANYONE to him in a mili-second! Despite his very busy schedule and the fact that other customers were around, Keith was very thorough with me - not leaving out one detail - regarding the product I was interested in. Thanks, Keith. You are "da man"! [smile]

Pricing can vary from what is published on our website. Shipping within the continental USA starts at $150.00 and can vary. Same day delivery within 50 miles of our Tallahassee location is not guaranteed and based on availability and time of order placed. Although we take every effort to maintain accurate data and information we are not responsible for any errors or misprints. We reserve the right to decline any offer and/or coupon. For more information or to report any website concerns please call our office.