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Is a scooter right for you? Do you like to feel the wind hitting your face, save money on gas, and having parking where you go? If so, the answer is YES!

At Scooterville of Tallahassee, we have the right scooter for you. We offer a variety of styles and colors to fit everyone's wants and needs. So stop by today and experience the joys of purchasing and owning your own BRAND NEW SCOOTER! The team at Scooterville of Tallahassee can't wait to meet you! Remember...IT'S A GREAT DAY TO RIDE!!!!!

S afe and Stylish
C onvenient
O ffers storage for personal items
O zone friendly
T wo seater
E asy to ride
R eliable   

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What Our Customers Say

Blake Smith from January 2015

Great people, great scooter selection, fast service, and they really know their stuff.

Derek Johnson from August 2017

I loved scooterville! They were honest about the type of bike I should get and very nice! I left with a bike within 30mins!

Steve Reese from January 2017

Scooterville was an amazing experience for me. They were so many scooters to look at and they all looked so good I almost couldn't decide which one would be best for me till I looked online and found the one that would best be suitable for me. The people at Scooterville gave me a great demonstration of how the moped operates and after a few weeks of practicing around my house and my neighborhood, I became somewhat of a pro, though I am still not quite a professional at it. I would highly recommend Scooterville to anyone who is interested in purchasing a moped that they can cruise around town in.

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